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We provide consultancy for each part from Menu engineering, Ideal Kitchen Layouts, Ideal Technical Drawings, Operational SOPs to make your business function efficiently which you can use to directly implement in your business startup. Once you download the documents, you can use for final execution your way with a professional finish. Opt for our email guidance at any point in time. Read more
You can start a Multi-Brand Cloud Kitchen with 300 Sq. Ft. Area and opt for Cuisines of your Choice.Highly recommended model being - Single cuisine Multi-brand cloud kitchen. Read more
Home Kitchens can be started from the comfort of your home. You need to check with the society norms and procure a NOC for commercial purpose. The Capital Investment you require is INR 1-2 Lacs.You can choose a Cuisine of your choice and opt for professional consulting. Read more
To entrepreneurs who are struggling from place to place to gather information about cloud kitchen/ home kitchen business, confused on opting for heavy-fee consultants, before staring. This consulting plan provides the ready-to-implement plans and intelligence in the ideal way of starting a business right.Consulture also provides business operating intelligence, kitchen plans and layouts, menu engineering, hiring guidance and much more to "start & win" in this industry. Any customisations required in the kitchen plans as per your place, or menu - for you it's an extremely easy process to do with the blueprint/ DIY kit provided as well.  Read more
You Must start a Home kitchen in case you wish to start small, and then expand. Read more
Every business model is profitable, depends on the way you operate it. However with the lower operating costs and highest returns model would be single brand cloud kitchen. Read more
The running cost varies with business model change, Example single brand cloud kitchen has lower running cost compared to multi brand. However if you choose a single cuisine, and operate multiple brands, the cost to operate will be lower, because of the presence of single cuisine. Read more
End to End Consulting and Knowledge to implement the right technique in Business, at no Heavy Fee! Read more
USP's are all the Outcomes you achieve, with a systematic roadmap, intelligence in creating your own business the right way, with solutions to all the loophops you may encounter in future. USP's are all the Outcomes you achieve, with a systematic roadmap, intelligence in creating your own business the right way, with solutions to all the loopholes you may encounter in future. Read more
Go for a Multi-Brand Cloud Kitchen, the point is to multiply revenue and reduce operating cost. Read more
Home Kitchen Single Brand, start in as low as INR 2 Lakhs. Read more
Yes, you can appoint contractors / site manager for executing the kitchen based on the kitchen layouts in consulting plan, Appoint Restaurant staff team once the operations start.  Read more
Opt for "Boost your revenue on Zomato Swiggy" Consulting plan.  Read more
Swiggy has automated process of online signup, Follow this Video link for "How to signup". - https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1oXM0npJw8Fv0BfX01I-2id5hIJr-H47c?usp=sharing Read more
No, they don't charge. Read more
We suggest to apply once yu have a valid FSSAI License! Read more
Home kitchen, with your choice of Cuisine. Read more
Being Unique can be in many factors, one of them being Menu. Our Consulting Plan consists of a "MENU DIY KIT" that enables you to create your own unique menu, with following certain principles of Menu Engineering.  Read more
No, Its mandatory to have a FSSAI license which is very easy to procure via licensing agent in your region. Read more
You can write us back with the suggestions you will require, for our team to upgrade it as per your vision. Read more
Excel/ Word file Read more
Yes Possible, you can email the existing logo, we shall upgrade the same along with our own options as well. Read more
Yes, you will have to provide the packaging sizes, BOQ, the material and types required. Read more
You can contact local vendors who can suggest you packaging ideas as per your menu. OR you can also opt for our Consulting plan Cloud Kitchen End to end guidance, via which not only packaging details but also details of how to professionally start a business will be gained. Read more
No, Its required for your to fix your recipes with grammage, portion size, ingredient prices etc. Post which you can opt for Costing SOP to enter your data and derive your Food Cost Dish-wise. Read more
Yes, Biggest reason why brands are successful is because they are aware of their dish-wise food cost, monthly cost, and wastage. The Costing SOP enables you to improve your profitability V/S cost ratio. Read more
This Consulting will help your brand grow organically stronger, with immense impact on customer's mindset. The offers are also required which are suggested in consulting plan, the offers which don't impact your food cost much and remain attractive at the same time. Read more
Go organic with requesting honest customer reviews and ratings, The consulting plan has 3 creative ideas on how to have a customer review your brand. Read more
The daily revenue/ orders per day will be the answer. Many a times customer will bounce back because the menu is not optimised. Read more
Via this Consulting plan, the Menu boosters and AOV boosters techniques will be discovered by you, which you can easily implement in your menus to grow average order value. Read more
Depends on business model, cuisine and market. Ideally for North Indian, Chinese, Italian cuisines Cloud kitchen ranges from INR 250 TO INR 350 in Metro Cities, and 30% lower in tier 2 and tier 3 cities. Read more