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$ 1,000

Logo & Menu Design

Startups/ Existing Restaurant Brands

In Conceptualization Phase

Cloud Kitchens, QSRs, Cafes, Bars

Brand's Success is All About the Re-Call Value, Positioning & Identity.
  • Personalised Logo and Menu design, Matching your Vision & Goals.
  • Building the Root Level Strength in Brand's Identity.
  • A Concept that Grabs Attention Within Seconds.
  • The Right Brand Positioning.
  • Logo that Communicates the Brand Story Visually.
  • Menu Design that Urges a User to Immediate Response.
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$ 1,000$ 700

Packaging Design

Startups/ Existing Restaurant Brands.

In Conceptualization Phase.

Cloud Kitchens, QSRs, Cafes, Bars.

The Packaging Design is the First Visual User Experience with your Brand & that can Make/ Break your Repeat Customer Base.
  • Personalised Packaging Design, Matching your Brand Identity.
  • A Delivery Experience that shouts out WOOOW.
  • Brand to Communicate its story with a Great Packaging.
  • Consistency in Theme.
  • Customer Loyalty.
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$ 1,000$ 700

Kitchen SOPs & Processes

Existing & Upcoming Food brands

Businesses who use a POS system

Are your Kitchen Processes Haywire? This Consulting Plan is designed for Ready-to-implement Kitchen Processes & SOPs aiming at automation & smooth management.
  • Deleting the old techniques & traditional methods of kitchen operations.
  • Turn a manually driven business to automation.
  • Streamlined reporting structures.
  • No hassle in monthly food cost calculation.
  • Easy to adopt team management SOPs.
  • Kitchen team being more proactive to execute high processes.
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$ 1,000$ 500

Operational SOPs & Process

Existing & Upcoming Food brands

Businesses who use a POS system

Do you still Operate Your Business in an Old School Manner? Here's How Automation Works for your Business.
  • Automate your Business, with ready to Implement SOPs.
  • Easy to Adopt Ready to use Operational Processes for your Food Business.
  • Respect for Process, Drives in Success.
  • Low Dependency on Manpower
  • Streamlined Reporting Structures.
  • Streamlined Cash Management.
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